BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

More settings (implicit)

Hidden options (from v.2.0.6/1.0.6) due to the complexity of their understanding, rare use, technical requirements, more flexibility by code, etc. : Values to set products count per page. By hook ‘woobe_set_per_page_values’: (premium version)

Be care with big values (memory overflow)! Exclude tabs for specific users/roles. By hook ‘woobe_show_tabs’:

Include child terms in filter […]

Creating an custom extensions

WOOBE allows to create custom extensions which should be placed in folder: wp-content/woobe_ext Here are some existed native extensions for example: Calculator Export Info Extension functionality can be presented in tabs: top tabs and basic tabs, or without any tabs, as ‘calculator’ for example. Let’s consider the most simple extension as Info: Its folder has […]