BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

Bulk edit of serialized (jsoned) woocommerce products meta data

In WOOBE version 2.0.2/1.0.2 added new functionality related to the bulk edit of jsoned meta fields (and not only bulk). Data editing tools realized as popup with textinputs where are keys and values. There is 2 types of serialized meta data with which WOOBE can work: array – where data is presented as:¬† key->value AND […]

Round woocommerce products price

Select how to round float values fractions in the numeric fields – round woocommerce products price. Sometimes shop manager want to¬†specify rounding precision when changing prices and its possible with calculator so with Bulk Edit tab functionality. Let’s consider way with calculator. You can use this way if all the products which prices you want […]


For all decimal data cells in the Products Editor attached price calculator which allows recount the data quickly without direct edit in its cells. How to use: Set mouse over the cell you want to edit. Calculator icon appears Click on the calculator icon Select operation + or – Select operation type: n – number, […]

Variations Advanced Bulk Operations

This application allows do manipulations with variable products and their variations. In the Filter tab select variable products and do filtering, then press button shown on the screen below to see all operations you can do. After clicking the button popup with tabs will appear: Here you can do next: Create new attributes for (all,filtered […]