BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

More settings (implicit)

Hidden options (from v.2.0.6/1.0.6) due to the complexity of their understanding, rare use, technical requirements, more flexibility by code, etc. : Values to set products count per page. By hook ‘woobe_set_per_page_values’: (premium version)

Be care with big values (memory overflow)! Exclude tabs for specific users/roles. By hook ‘woobe_show_tabs’:

Include child terms in filter […]

Bulk edit of serialized (jsoned) woocommerce products meta data

In WOOBE version 2.0.2/1.0.2 added new functionality related to the bulk edit of jsoned meta fields (and not only bulk). Data editing tools realized as popup with textinputs where are keys and values. There is 2 types of serialized meta data with which WOOBE can work: array – where data is presented as:¬† key->value AND […]

Round woocommerce products price

Select how to round float values fractions in the numeric fields – round woocommerce products price. Sometimes shop manager want to¬†specify rounding precision when changing prices and its possible with calculator so with Bulk Edit tab functionality. Let’s consider way with calculator. You can use this way if all the products which prices you want […]


For all decimal data cells in the Products Editor attached price calculator which allows recount the data quickly without direct edit in its cells. How to use: Set mouse over the cell you want to edit. Calculator icon appears Click on the calculator icon Select operation + or – Select operation type: n – number, […]

Creating an custom extensions

WOOBE allows to create custom extensions which should be placed in folder: wp-content/woobe_ext Here are some existed native extensions for example: Calculator Export Info Extension functionality can be presented in tabs: top tabs and basic tabs, or without any tabs, as ‘calculator’ for example. Let’s consider the most simple extension as Info: Its folder has […]

Products Bulk Edit

Tool which allows products bulk edit of the data in your shop in 3 ways: to all products, to filtered products, to selected (checked by checkbox) products. Selected products has more high priority, so if products filtering done and there are selected products – bulk editing will be applied to the selected products. Deselect selected […]


In tab Filters it is possible to filter products of the shop and see results in the Products Editor table. Nearly all columns displays there. Attached Meta Fields also are visible here and its possible to filter by them also. Filters is very important tool in the plugin as they allows to select products by […]

Variations Advanced Bulk Operations

This application allows do manipulations with variable products and their variations. In the Filter tab select variable products and do filtering, then press button shown on the screen below to see all operations you can do. After clicking the button popup with tabs will appear: Here you can do next: Create new attributes for (all,filtered […]


Sometimes mistakes happens, and it is not appropriate for the shop data. To roll back to the previous data will help tab History, where it is possible to roll back nearly all the products data as for one product so for bulk operations. ATTENTION: History doesn work with the products removing and all manipulations described […]

Meta Fields

In this tab you can attach all products meta fields related to the products in 2 ways: Add Custom key by hands – add keys by hands, do it when you know meta key Get keys from any product by its ID – convenient way get all meta keys and leave all you need. Just […]