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Functionality of this tab allows to export woocommerce products of the shop. To export products you can use some ways: Do nothing, and in this case all products in the shop will be exported Filter products you need by categories or by any other parameters Select products using checkbox of the first column and only… read more


In this tab you can set bulk editor settings: Activate columns and set their order Set personal settings for the current user – different users can work with the products data using WOOBE on the same time and not interfering with each other Settings tab page divided into 2 columns: columns settings and total settings…. read more

Products Editor

The plugin has 5 basic tabs – woocommerce Products Editor, Settings, Meta Fields, History, Help and 3 operating tabs: Filters, Bulk Edit, Export. All basic operations are performed in the first tab Products Editor. Products Editor This is main tab and all another are services for this one. 2 first columns always visible – checkboxes and… read more