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Round woocommerce products price

Select how to round float values fractions in the numeric fields – round woocommerce products price. Sometimes shop manager want to specify rounding precision when changing prices and its possible with calculator so with Bulk Edit tab functionality.

Let’s consider way with calculator. You can use this way if all the products which prices you want to change is visible on one page.

  • select products you need using checkboxes
  • enable ‘binded editing
  • click on calculator on the cell you need, for example let it be regular price cell (hover mouse pointer on the cell to see calculator icon)
  • enter natural value or percentage and select ‘rounding‘ there
  • press accept button and wait until data set finished

Second way allows set rounding prices for filtered products or all products on the site (in this case do not filter products). For example:

  • filter products by any category using functionality of tab Filters (or skip this step)
  • go to Bulk Edit tab
  • in ‘numeric’ section enable ‘regular price‘ field and set value there
  • and then select cents rounding as on the screen below
  • click on ‘Do Bulk Edit‘ button and wait until operation is finished

Also it is possible to round numeric values for meta fields which type is number (type selected in tab Meta Fields)

Information about rounding behavior:

  • no rounding – rounding will not be applied
  • 5 – prices will be rounded to numbers like: 23.75, 44.45, 11.15
  • 10 – prices will be rounded in numbers like: 23.70, 44.40, 11.10
  • 9 … 99 – will round prices in numbers like: 23.09, 44.49, 11.99

Also, if it’s necessary to realize your own rounding logic it is possible to use hook ‘woobe_number_field_manipulation‘:

add_filter('woobe_number_field_manipulation', function($value, $field_key, $product_id) {
    //write your logic here
    return $value;
}, 10, 3);

This hook you can find in the plugin code: wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\classes\models\products.php

The code above you should apply in file functions.php of your current WordPress theme.