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multi category select

Hi ho first off LOVE this plugin, best ive seen thus far in terms of site product management...

On you category click there in the search box, place another box below it or even use the same box, when search terms are seperate by , or ; it searches for multiple category entries, then when all those categories come up place a check all box to select them all and save...

This would save a WHOLE bunch of clicking...


You mean something like this -

I added this to the list "to do"

Thank you for  idea!

ye something like that but on this page... this way no more multi clicking need just type in whats needed and bam
all categories done


Ok!  Yes. It makes sense. I think it will be included in the new version

Any update on this?  Would love it as well!

Yes, an update will be released soon.

Quote from danduvalian on May 3, 2019, 16:44

Any update on this?  Would love it as well!

Hello, WOOBE on the test stage now, if you bought it you can request latest version on it support here

Hello, update is done and 'Select all terms' options is there