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Professional version Plugin not working after I checked compatibility of the Free one with the rest of my plugins


Cannot find the usual method of getting support for a plugin so I thought I try here.

I'll attach my screen shots to ilustrate the problem

Plugin list 1

Plugin List 2


Result of chosing to open the Bulk Editor


The only difference in the WordPress environment is that I upgraded to Wampserver 3 that came with PHP 7.2.10, Apache 2.4.35 and PHPMyAdmin 4.8.3

with no affect to the other plugins except the Bulk Editor so I am at a loss what the problem could be.



Write request here please:

Support is always in this tab:


Thanks everything sorted - very pleased with the plugin.

Bulk editor works pretty well with my other plugin WP Media Folder a plugin that organises my  photos in folders I have created  - a perfect partnership.

The combination working together though just gets a bit slow after I uploaded 10 products photos through Bulk Editor into WP Media Folder  but trying to get Joomla to fix that problem.


Hello Gerald

Thank you for your feedback!