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Variations and Attributes

I want to add some atributes without variations. If I'm using a variable product, it is adding all attributes to product as selectable variations. I want add attributes just for filtering.


You can  add  attributes  and  change    visibility of these  attributes - 

Could you explain a little more in detail is it like: 1st I select the product(s) with all the variations then attach the desired attributes and then change the visability? Do the varations toggle need to be switched on, do I chek the main product only or all the variations?

I'm asking because I have the same problem and I can't seem to figure it out what is the right way to add attributes to multiple products with variations or even single products with variations without making the attributes selectable I need the as the previous fellow said only for filtering.


Please watch  a video -

I did watch it and I followed all steps and experimented with few phantom products but the visibility option does not seem to work 🙁  Also The products I'm trying to attach the filter attributes have personalized variations if this matters. For example you have a  whole bathroom set (upper part + lower part), only the lower part and only the upper part and all three of them are different prices all already set I just need to add maker attribute , size and origin. I already have these attributes set but whenever I attach them I get this
I need only the first option to be selectable as these are the different products the customer needs to select from

Any advice would be of great help because the database is quite big and we need to bulk edit all
The version of woocommerce is 3.5.7



Ok! Better  write  me  on support -

Paste  this  message  + wp-admin access