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How to set sale prices lower than regular for 20%?

There is 2 ways: use binded editing or Bulk Editing.

First way:

  • This way is good when you can do it for some products or variations on the same one page in the Products Editor
  • Select some products
  • Enable ‘binded editing‘ switcher
  • Hover on any selected product sell price cell and click on calculator icon
  • In calculator select: rp- and in the text field there enter 20, and in the last drop-down select percents
  • Select prices rounding if you need it
  • Click on blue accept button on the calculator and wait until this bulk operation is finished
  • If you did smth wrong you can roll back this operation in the tab History

Second way:

  • In this way you can apply changes to all products on the site or to the filtered ones by your logic
  • So make products filtering by category or categories, or/and any other parameters if you need it
  • Go to tab Bulk Edit and select field ‘Sale price‘ there
  • Enter 20 in the textinput
  • In the drop-down select ‘regular price minus value
  • Click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ button and wait until operation is finished