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How to swap one attribute to another without product variation deleting?

Task: I have 3000 variable products in the shop and I want to search attributes and set new attributes instead. For example items marked with the color attribute  ‘Brown’ are searched and changed to ‘Red’ without data deletion – Brown should be replaced by Red and nothing more should be changed! Yes, it is possible with… read more

How to toggle variations to be “enabled” or “disabled”

If you need to disable any variation(s) in variables products you can do next: In the Filter select product type ‘variable’ and click on ‘Filter’ button On tools panel enable switcher ‘variations’ Now you can select (using checkbox in the first column) products variations which you want to disable OR if you have a lot of… read more

Change products price value for 15% in regular price

Yes! It is possible to manipulate with regular prices of woocommerce products, and change products price value related to their current value. Select products using checkboxes or filter them by any parameters you need Open Bulk Editor form Find field ‘regular price’ and check it by checkbox near Enter 15 in the textinput and in… read more

Is there any way to add sku’s with variations?

WooCommerce Bulk Editor allows add SKU to products variations of variable products. For example, main product with 10 variations – main product SKU is wp-pennant and I would like to be able to add variations 1-10 like: wp-pennant-1, wp-pennant-2, wp-pennant-3, etc. Nearly Yes. Instead of -1,-2,-3 can be applied variation ID or its menu order (but it… read more

How to set the same value for some products on the same time

Binded editing feature will help: Select first product you need using checkbox in the most left column Press SHIFT button on your keyboard and without releasing it click on the last (last by your logic) product checkbox On the tools panel enable ‘binded editing’ Enter any value to any field of any selected product you… read more