BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

Bulk Remove Sale Dates

This operation is possible with enabled “binded editing” mode only, where products should be selected by checkboxes: If necessary make filtration by your logic Set pagination value to the max necessary Select products using checkboxes (press SHIFT keyboard to select from first to last) Enable binded editing mode Click ‘Clear’ button on any selected product […]

Set more rows of products per page

Hook ‘woobe_set_per_page_values’ allows to set values for products count per page. But be care with big values (memory overflow), by default max value is 100!

From version 2.0.6  

Description content is not saved

Info source: (thanks to alien2108) Problem: If I want to copy media rich Description to another article I get “Warning Saving…”, but no green notice “Notice Saved”. Of course nothing is saved. This happens in both Graphics or Text view attempt. If I try to copy Description in text mode I even get the […]

How to jump to N-page in Products Editor

By link parameter ‘start_page’, example: wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=woobe&start_page=257 – start page in link as parameter, temporary measure, in the next version will be added ajax smooth page jumping

How to filter woocommerce products by attachment of taxonomies/attributes to them

This feature is hidden to avoid confusing, just look on the screen below: For such filtration there is no necessary select terms as it filter by taxonomy/attribute attachment to the product generally, and not for terms. So if you understood and you need it: in your current wp theme functions.php file drop next code:


How to delete woocommerce products by bulk

This option works in premium version of the plugin only. Using tab Filter filter necessary products to be deleted. Also you can use checkboxes which has higher priority in the selection Then go to tab Bulk Edit and check there checkbox ‘Bulk deleting’ Press button ‘Delete Products!’ and wait until operation is done NOTE: Make […]

How to reset page cache in the browser

press CTRL+R CTRL+F5 Ctrl+Shift+R Apple + R or command + R (apple) in Chrome browser the best way is: Open the developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I Now, leaving the panel open, left click on the “Update” button (next to the address line) and do not release the button. After a few seconds, you […]

I just bought the plugin and cant install it. Error!!

100% you are trying to install Codecanyon bundle. To install the plugin you are need unpack its bundle downloaded from Codecanyon and then you will find inside which should be installed. Uninstall please free version of the plugin before installing premium version. The plugin options which are in the data base of the site will stay in its […]