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How to add to existing gallery 2 new images using bulk edit?

Task: 370 products with defined set of gallery images in each product. How to add 2 more images?

  • Enable column ‘Gallery‘ in the tab Settings and press Save button there
  • By Filters select the products by categories or other parameters
  • Open Bulk Edit tab -> tab Additional
  • Find and enable there button ‘Images
  • Using button in the opened popup window add image(s) you want to add to the selected products
  • In the drop-down select: ‘Add selected images to the products in the popup to the already existed ones
  • Press ‘Apply‘ button
  • Press ‘Do Bulk Edit‘ and wait until operation finished

The same algorithm works for images deleting.

Note: steps above are actual for the operations ‘add‘ and ‘delete‘ in: ‘Download files‘, ‘Cross-sells‘, ‘Up-sells‘, ‘Grouped products