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How to set different prices to the different variations? I need a different price for each size

Example of the task: user has products like posters with foreground color, background color and poster size. Colors here no matter, matters only size which makes the price. So we have: poster 10×12 for 10$, 15×20 for 14$, etc … How to set price using bulk editing for each such product variation?


  • Using tab Filters – filter “variable products” with category posters if such one exists
  • If you have about 50 variations per product set products per page 5 to avoid memory fail on the server side. In such cases better activate columns which you need for current operation only!
  • On tools panel enable ‘variations‘ switcher
  • Open tab “Bulk Edit” and select there attributes combination(s) you want
  • Set regular price value (and/or sale price value if you need)
  • Click ‘Do Bulk Edit‘ button
  • Wait until the operation finished

Hint: If you have a lot of products with a lot of such “products variations” – you can open WOOBE page in another browser tab wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=woobe and repeat all steps described above for another combination!