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How to reset page cache in the browser

press CTRL+R CTRL+F5 Ctrl+Shift+R Apple + R or command + R (apple) in Chrome browser the best way is: Open the developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I Now, leaving the panel open, left click on the “Update” button (next to the address line) and do not release the button. After a few seconds, you […]

I just bought the plugin and cant install it. Error!!

100% you are trying to install Codecanyon bundle. To install the plugin you are need unpack its bundle downloaded from Codecanyon and then you will find inside which should be installed. Uninstall please free version of the plugin before installing premium version. The plugin options which are in the data base of the site will stay in its […]

Issue with Avion page builder

This article video describes that sometimes data keeps not in the places where customers thinks. In this current article issue is that Avion page builder keeps products description in meta field ‘_avialayoutbuildercleandata’ and its called misunderstanding – so add this meta key in tab Meta Fields as textarea,press Save, in tab Settings enable as column, press […]

How to set sale prices lower than regular for 20%?

There is 2 ways: use binded editing or Bulk Editing. First way: This way is good when you can do it for some products or variations on the same one page in the Products Editor Select some products Enable ‘binded editing’ switcher Hover on any selected product sell price cell and click on calculator icon […]

How to remove selected downloads?

If you want to delete file from the products downloads use that file link with the next algorithm: Select by checkboxes or/and make filtering of products from which you want to delete that download link(s) Go to Bulk Edit tab -> tab Advanced -> select ‘Downloads’ and open its popup there Select in the drop-down […]

How to detach completely an attribute from the product?

For example you decided detach completely attribute Material from the variable products. Do next steps: Using the functionality of the tab ‘Filters’ make filtering of the products by type: ‘Variable’ and also if necessary you can filter by more parameters If you need to change only some products you can select them using checkboxes in the […]

How to remove images from gallery of some products?

Two ways about how to clean the gallery of some products, and for this operation column ‘Gallery’ should be activated! Way 1: Use checkboxes to select some products Enable ‘binded editing’ switcher Click on Gallery button of any selected product In the opened popup remove all images and press ‘Apply’ button Wait until changes apply […]

How to remove all products variations at all?

If you need to remove all products variations from all variables products of your shop: In the Filter select product type ‘variable’ and filter by it After filtering on the tools panel click on button ‘Variations Advanced Bulk Operations’ There go to tab Deleting and select ‘Delete all products variations’ Click on ‘Start deleting’ button […]

How to add to existing gallery 2 new images using bulk edit?

Task: 370 products with defined set of gallery images in each product. How to add 2 more images? Enable column ‘Gallery’ in the tab Settings and press Save button there By Filters select the products by categories or other parameters Open Bulk Edit tab -> tab Additional Find and enable there button ‘Images’ Using button […]