BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional


Sometimes mistakes happens, and it is not appropriate for the shop data. To roll back to the previous data will help tab History, where it is possible to roll back nearly all the products data as for one product so for bulk operations.

ATTENTION: History doesn work with the products removing and all manipulations described inĀ Variations Advanced Bulk Operations.

Some buttons in this tab you interested in:

  • Clear the History – remove the history for the current logged-in user. Do it before starting of your work day to avoid big heap of history data where you can get lost.
  • Revert – button which displays on each history operation. Clicking this button revert data to the product field ID and title of which you can see on the left side
  • Delete – remove a history item forever

Different logged-in users has their own history to avoid data messing. So admin and his shop managers can work together without misunderstanding. Of course if they not edit the same product field for the same products!

All bulk operations marked as ‘Bulk operation‘ describes time of the operation (from – to), count of edited products, operation status (completed or terminated) and columns/fields names which been edited in the products.

On the left top of the tab you can see drop-down, which is simple filter for operations by type: solo or bulk.

Watch the tab Video