BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

Update v.2.1.3/v.1.1.3

  • Possibility to edit category title and its slug on the fly in popup
  • There is a new choice “any” in the bulk editor – any term is implied. Example need: if you want to change all variants of red color and any size
  • Added filter by shipping class
  • Export: new files are formed in the title with the date. Every two days the folder is checked and old files are removed. This was created so that another persons could not download the file via a direct link + compatibility with the cache
  • Metadata fields got new type ‘gallery‘
  • It is possible to override the meta checkbox. By default this works with 0 and 1. i.e. Its accepts and writes only 0 and 1. Now it can be changed to: yes,true or any other value. Syntax: meta_key1:yes^no,meta_key2:true
  • Macros strings for text fields. To work with it correctly choose ‘new‘ be [...]

Update v.2.1.0/v.1.1.0

  • fixed “Parameter ‘who’ of WP_User_query is deprecated since WP 5.9“
  • rounding numbers (price, sale price, numeric meta fields, etc…) to 0
  • search of the products by empty thumbnails
  • now it is possible to search from 0 to 0 in numeric fields (stock quantity, price, sale price, numeric meta fields, etc…)
  • show part of text from text editors for such fields as content and short description
  • new hook ‘woobe_wpml_sync_prices‘ allows to copy the same sale and regular prices for all WPML languages

Update v.2.0.9/v.1.0.9

  • new admin design
  • new hook ‘woobe_users_args‘ allows to get users by custom roles, for example ‘vendors’. By default is ‘authors’
    add_filter('woobe_users_args', function ($args) {
        return array('fields' => array('ID', 'display_name'), 'who' => 'vendors');
  • new options for math operations in tab Bulk Edit with numeric fields. You can select numeric field in tab Bulk Edit then make math operation with another numeric field using value
  • To text fields added new behavior options: Empty, NOT empty
  • to filter by post status and Bulk Edit post status operations added state ‘scheduled’
  • added dynamic information about how many products selected by checkbox
  • to the settings added ability for synchronizing profiles of the managers¬† – if to select ‘Yes‘ the same alone profile will be for all managers

Update 2.0.6

  • Small fixes
  • Some customers ideas
  • In filter added ability to filter products by its empty fields
  • Added Filter by range of the products count in stock: stock quantity from – stock quantity to
  • New option ‘Add fields to the quick search‘ – Adds more fields to quick search fields drop-down on the tools panel. Works only for text fields. Syntax: post_name:Product slug,post_content: Content. The same is possible to realize with hook: woobe_quick_search_options
    add_filter('woobe_quick_search_options', function($filters) {
        $filters = 'Post slug';
        $filters = 'Content';
        return $filters;
  • ¬†New hook ‘woobe_before_update_product_field‘ which adds ability to make any custom operations with field new value before its updating:
    add_filter('woobe_before_update_product_field', function($value, $product_id, [...]

Update 2.0.5

  • To remove sale price at all use ‘-1‘. Works as for single operations, so for bulk ones.
  • New meta field type “Calendar”
  • AJAX page jumper which allows navigate by products more flexible
  • Added fast access filter by: title, sku and products IDs. Enter data and press Enter
  • Feature. Now it is possible to convert simple product into variative product and this product price will be attached to all variations. It works only for first time. To understand watch the video:
  • For grouped products added field “Product url” by which it is possible to filter products, so and also edit them in bulk (see tab Additional)

Update 2.0.4

  • heap of small fixes
  • text search syntax: added operator AND ‘^~‘. Example: 360^~cats^!mole – find all strings where is ‘360‘ AND ‘cats‘ but without ‘mole‘.
  • new column ‘Visibility‘ in tab Bulk Edit so in tab Products Editor
  • to variations added shipping class
  • in bulk edit operation to product title now it is possible add its attributes titles, for example: {attribute:pa_size}
  • to products variations tax class added new option as ‘Same as parent‘
  • to tab History added pagination and extended filter there
  • new hook ‘woobe_filter_taxonomies_exists_show‘ which unlock hidden feature about searching in products existence taxonomies and attributes (its attaching).Use: to current wp theme functions.php file add:
    add_filter('woobe_filter_taxonomies_exists_show', function() {
        return true;

Update 2.0.3

  • Some minor fixes
  • Filter by authors
  • Filter by catalog visibility
  • Bulk edit by author
  • Bulk deleting

WPML Compatibility Announcement

From 17-08-2018 WOOBE and WPML plugins are officially compatible. This compatibility means: in case of changing language on backend by WPML lang drop-down, it is possible to bulk edit woocommerce products for each language separately. [...]

Update 2.0.1

  • small fixes
  • reading of data from data base became for 300% quicker thanks to caching products objects
  • added ability of bulk editing serialized data in meta fields