BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

WooCommerce plugin for managing and bulk edit WooCommerce Products data in robust and flexible way!Be professionals with managing data of your woocommerce e-shop!

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Products Management

BEAR allows to manage WooCommerce products data on the same page

Bulk Edit

BEAR allows to bulk edit WooCommerce products data on the same page

Data Control & Analysis

BEAR allows to realize control and analysing products data thanks to filtering

What for this plugin is?

WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional - BEAR - (old name WOOBE) – WooCommerce plugin for managing and bulk edit WooCommerce Products data in robust and flexible way! Be professionals with managing data of your e-shop!

ATTENTION: For WordPress posts use WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional

The plugin can give you the next tools:

  • Power and Flexible way to control your shop products!
  • WooCommerce products Bulk Editing: product categories, product attributes, meta
  • Filtering form for further products bulk editing, analyzing, export
  • Advanced operations with "variable" products and their variations
  • History of Bulk and Solo operations with roll-back possibility
  • Add necessary Meta Fields to the system and manage them
  • Change prices relatively
  • Products Export using native WooCommerce data format, which allows import data back using native WooCommerce importer
  • Binded editing - edit several products with two clicks!
  • WooCommerce Products Bulk Delete by: category, tag, product attributes, custom taxonomies, meta field, title, content, user, products status, price, sku, etc...
  • Instant saving of entered data by AJAX
  • POSSIBILITY of joint editing of the products without interference to each other. Also shop managers can be limited by their role.
  • Profiles of products data columns - tool for quick loading data structure
  • Profiles for filters combinations - allows one click filtration
  • Nice and convenient WooCommerce Products Editor with rich HTML elements

The Plugin Features

Editable Fields

  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Slug
  • Product Type
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Meta fields
  • SKU
  • Regular price
  • Date Published
  • Sale price
  • Sale time from
  • Sale time to
  • Manage stock
  • Stock quantity
  • Stock status
  • Allow backorders
  • Gallery
  • Status
  • Catalog Visibility
  • Featured
  • Downloadable
  • Downloadable files
  • Download limit
  • Download expiry
  • Tax status
  • Tax class
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Sold individually
  • Attribute visibility
  • Shipping class
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Grouped products
  • Purchase note
  • Menu order
  • Reviews allowed
  • Product url
  • Aff.Button text
  • Virtual
  • Author
  • Total sales
  • Review count
  • Average rating
  • Date Published
  • Parent ID (for variations)

Architecture based on extensions!

The plugin has in-built API which allows to expand its functionality by internal extensions. Such possibility will be interesting for PHP developers who wants to implement their own ideas about products data managing.

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Set columns

Set the columns sequence you want to see for products editing


Filter products by criteria according to your business logic

Bulk edit

Set fields options for bulk edit operation and press start!

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How this plugin can be useful for your business?

Start working with "BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional", it can provide everything you need to control your WooCommerce shop products data.

Data control

Manage your products from one Products Editor without other pages jumping


Metadata fields columns allows to control your products SEO data compactly


Thanks to the BEAR system your power of attention over site data is more high


Export targeted (filtered) data for further sharing and analysis

Quick edit

Thanks to AJAX technology data saving is instant

No fee

No any additional fee, pay 1 time for full functionality


Filter, discover and change only targeted business data

Data Analysis

Visually simple access to products in the table format is the convenient way to analyze woo shop products data

What Our Clients Said About BEAR plugin

"BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional" (old name WOOBE) is the big helper for the businesses, and clients are happy with its functionality

I was looking for such features for a long time and now I have finally found this great plugin. It took me about 20 minutes to setup what I wanted.Love this plugin. This plugin made updating my products extremely efficient and the price is not outrageous. Without it, I would have to update each variation of each product in order to put items on sale. That is too much to have to do. This plugin is a timesaver and a must-have if you are running an e-commerce business and using WooCommerce.

The plugin does the job it describes. I'm so delighted to use this tool instead of the WooCommerce all product. So much more power and ability. Money well spent!

It eases my work, thank you so much for that plugin you guys deserve more than five stars, Suggestions, please keep doing what you doing and add more features thank you.

WOOBE is a wonderful product that greatly simplifies editing my WooCommerce product inventory. I don't know what I'd do without it!

It saves days/hours/months out of your life. I transferred all my products from Etsy to Woocommerce and while it took a little time to get everything right, this made life so much easier.

Best tool for woo-commerce product editing, I've tried a lot of plugins and everything in between but Woobe is by far the best it is awesome !

It is a truly SMART plugin, complete, fast and very well designed to facilitate back-end work, saving a lot of time and preventing errors and duplications. Highly recommended!

This plugin is so awesome, a must have for all that uses Woocommerce. Creating META, changing prices etc. in bulk and so much more! Don't hesitate to buy this WOOBE plugin!

This plugin has been an absolute lifesaver as we organize our catalog!! It is powerful, reliable and fast. Having tried a few bulk editors, this one has absolutely been the nicest to work with.

Ok guys. I'm gonna give an honest review here. It was a little rocky out of the gate. I was really confused on how to filter products. The documentation wasn't very helpful and the accent in the video made it hard to watch. BUT. Once you get the workflow down it is pretty cool and saves a ton of time. I have about 50 items that I change the sale dates on a few times a week. And it takes FOREVER... ok not forever... but its tedious. So I wanted something that could bulk edit the sale dates as it is not available as a woo feature. At first when you load the page you will probably be a little off put by it ( like I was ). The first step is to go to the settings table and uncheck all of the view you don't need. This will clean up the page a bit. Now all the filtering and bulk is done in the tab above that ( took awhile to figure out ). You can search and filter by almost anything. Changing the filter will alter the products shown in the lower part of the screen. Once you have the filter up and correct then go to the bulk tab. For me the sale start and end dates were in the advanced tab. Once you get everything looking good... run it! That simple... time saved. You can also set custom workflows for editing specific fields. All in all I think they did a great job. The interface could be more intuitive... but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense. All it is missing is a build in scheduler to run edits! So... get this one guys... it's worth it.

Speed up the product editing by more than 10 times. One of the best investments in productivity. Great add-on to my site.

I can't say enough good things about this plugin if you need to do any sort of bulk editing in Woocommerce. I run a store with a lot of product variations and this plugin has saved me about 40 hours of work at least. If there is a setting you need to change, or a want to see products by filters this is it. I started using the free version but quickly upgraded to the premium version because I want to support the author and the many extra features the paid version offers. If there is one slight problem it is that the translations could probably use a little work, but that is cosmetic and doesn't effect the product performance in any way.

I used the free version for some time and it's really great, but the paid version is saving me so much time and energy that I regret not having bought it immediately :) overall a super-flexible plugin, a must have for any woocommerce shop crowded with products.

I started converting standard products to variable products manually. After doing about 5 of them, I realised it was going to take me forever, so I started looking for something that would allow me to make changes quickly and easily. After some intense Googling and reading many reviews and lists of features for different plugins, I came across this; the WooCommerce Bulk Editor. This plugin is phenomenal!!! There's a small learning curve to figure out how it works, but once you do, it's fairly straight forward. It's quite a powerful piece of kit and would save a large eCommerce store HOURS of valuable time! I look forward to being able to use this plugin on other projects in the future. Great work!!

Great plugin with multiple ways of using it. Great and fast support whenever I have questions or ideas for extensions. This plugin has saved me for many hours of work, gives a great overview for my product.

This is by far the best bulk editor I have found. I purchased one almost a year ago and it was SLOW and it never really worked right and have very few features. This one is packed with features and is very easy to use and it is much faster than the other app I tried. I am doing 1200+ listings at a time so it does take time. I purchased the app to support this awesome seller, as I have more expensive app that don't do as much as this one app. Well worth every penny spent, even if you have the free version it is a great app. I mainly got this app for variations, and it works great for that!

It's fantastic having everything in front of me on a table so I can easily make changes and, more importantly, get a good top view of all my products. This has helped me immensely in my task management.

Tried numerous bulk editors for Woocommerce but this is the ONE! Look no further, this has all the options you can think about.

I was not sure how well this would work, and I really must say I'm impressed. The flexibility and functionality is great for any Woocommerce store, plus it tracks changes!! I must say for a huge inventory this really helps a lot. Great job!! Thanks for taking care of what matters most, OUR TIME!

I was almost to give up Woocommerce when I found this plugin. Everything you need to manage a shop quickly is here. Super useful in changing prices, updating stock, product description etc. with just 1 click. And track changes record, which is amazing, and many other features. I've already tested WOOF which is the filtering plugin and is also great, and I trusted this will also be worth it. Excellent work!

This is the swiss army knife of bulk editors. the amount of time the developer has spent just on the video training places him above many of the others selling here on code canyon. Thanks for your time and passion developing useful plugins. Tomi G

This is an excellent plugin for any store with a large amount of inventory. It's definitely a time saver for web admins and store managers, as it greatly simplifies the product management process. The layout provides all functionality for updating products within a single very slick interface, making updates quick and intuitive. Highly recommended!

Great plugin!, you can choose what product options you want to manage in seconds, add or remove visibility/access to every option by fully customizing your 'working layout' resulting in an extremely simple but yet capable of managing everything at the same time tool. You have to try it to realy feel its power. And it saves specific 'working layouts' by admin, so other admins wot mess with it.

Muy bueno, me ahorra mucho tiempo y plugins extras, aqui esta todo lo necesario funcionando muy bien. Recomendado 100%

I was looking for these features for quite sometime and now I have finally found this plugin. It took me about 20 minutes to setup what I wanted. Great done. Highly appreciated. Keep up the hard work

Awesome plugin! I've installed similar plugin and I found it very useful, but yours is much better, in visual! Also it supports bulk image adding leaving existing images in gallery which didn't support in other plugin.

I googled a lot for Woocommerce bulk editor. But every plugin was just CSV file upload and its nightmare to edit product every time by editing CSV file (sometimes you don't know all taxonomies) and end up entering wrong details of the product. But This plugin in a realistic manner is BULK EDITOR PROFESSIONAL with every option you need to edit product with Yoast compatibility!!! also You can add products with this really fast... Must Buy Plugin for the woocommerce store.

Realmag's plugins are absolutely top notch. His customer support which I have used for over 2 years now is amazing. He is able to help not just with his plugins but also with other wordpress plugins and even develop custom plugins for custom functionality.

Wow! This plugin is mighty! Great great plugin! Thankssssss!!!!!

I've been using Woobe for over 6 months now and find it's such an excellent and easy way to manipulate woocommerce items. It looks a little complicated at first but once you actually take a look it's very simple. You can easily edit one item or 1000's of items with simplicity. You can also change the fields that show up so if your are editing some field in particular you can just show that field and it makes it very fast for editing. What used to take me days and days now just takes a few minutes. Incase you make a mistake it has a history that allows for a fast undo. The one little issue is you can only have 100 items per page, while most shops that probably isn't an issue and I realise its also an issue about page load times as well. Just sometimes 200 or 500 items would be nice for me. It has helped me migrate from prestashop to woocommerce and still have products look nice. If you run woocommerce and have a large shop, I can't recommend woobe any higher, take the few minutes to learn it and it will save you 100's if not 1000's of hours of your time.

What a time and life saver! This plugin done everything i needed + more! If you are reading the reviews to make your mind up dont just buy it and save even more time. Thanks all

WOOBE achievements

"BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional" actively uses on WooCommerce business sites

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