BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional


Functionality of this tab allows to export woocommerce products of the shop.

To export products you can use some ways:

  • Do nothing, and in this case all products in the shop will be exported
  • Filter products you need by categories or by any other parameters
  • Select products using checkbox of the first column and only them will be exported
  • Filter products you need by categories or by any other parameters AND then select any you want

All export ways do exporting with current data structure (current columns set)!

Export is possible in CSV and XML. After exporting you can download file woobe_exported.csv/xml with products and open it with Excel or Open Office programs BUT remember about DELIMITER of the separated data for csv format! CSV data delimiter you can select using special drop-down in the tab.

After export process finish – download button appears.

WOOBE for exporting uses WooCommerce data format, so you can always import data back using native WooCommerce importer which you can find here: wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=product_importer. What is main in import – select in the right way relevant data type for each column type.

Note: if ‘download files‘ column is presented in the Products Editor, in tab Export will be appeared additional textinput in which you should enter value – maximal possible count of downloads per product. You need do this because there is no possible to automate counting of this value because this data is serialized in the data base!

Note: to export products thumbnails to another shop activate also columns ‘Gallery
Note: if on the tools panel switch on ‘variations‘ in tab Export will appear filter for combination of products attributes which can be included or excluded in the exported file. If leave empty will be exported all combinations. Combinations should be strongly exact!

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