BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

Update v.2.1.3/v.1.1.3

  • Possibility to edit category title and its slug on the fly in popup
  • There is a new choice “any” in the bulk editor – any term is implied. Example need: if you want to change all variants of red color and any size

  • Added filter by shipping class
  • Export: new files are formed in the title with the date. Every two days the folder is checked and old files are removed. This was created so that another persons could not download the file via a direct link + compatibility with the cache
  • Metadata fields got new type ‘gallery
  • It is possible to override the meta checkbox. By default this works with 0 and 1. i.e. Its accepts and writes only 0 and 1. Now it can be changed to: yes,true or any other value. Syntax: meta_key1:yes^no,meta_key2:true
  • Macros strings for text fields. To work with it correctly choose ‘new‘ because the macros-string is replaced by a string. And in fact, you can combinate strings, example: the result will be in upper case, the post ID and the “test string” string will be added as it is in its case.
  • {DO_STRING_UP} – string to uppercase
  • {DO_STRING_DOWN} – string to lowercase
  • {DO_STRING_TITLE} – for each new word, the first letter is uppercase
  • {DO_STRING_UP_FIRST} – first letter of the string to uppercase
  • HOT: there is a new possibility of work with vendors. Admin (only he sees field ‘Vendor roles’) can insert a user role slug belong to his shop vendors. And users with that role will be able to see and edit only their own products (as the authors). The visibility of the fields is the same as that of the shop manager and the settings are the same – the main thing is that this user role should has access to the admin panel and editing products

  • weight“, “length“, “width“, “height” – this now works for variants as well. The new hook to make it works is:  woobe_filter_consider_variation_dimensions ,is true by default. If you pass false then these filters will not take into account the values in the options:
    add_filter('woobe_filter_consider_variation_dimensions', function ($do) {
        return false;
  • New hook woobe_new_variation_product_status – set default product variant status:
    add_filter('woobe_new_variation_product_status', function ($status) {
        return 'private';