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How to remove images from gallery of some products?

Two ways about how to clean the gallery of some products, and for this operation column ‘Gallery‘ should be activated!

Way 1:

  • Use checkboxes to select some products
  • Enable ‘binded editing‘ switcher
  • Click on Gallery button of any selected product
  • In the opened popup remove all images and press ‘Apply‘ button
  • Wait until changes apply to all other selected products

Way 2:

  • Use the Filter tab functionality where you should filter products by parameters you need
  • Then go to tab Bulk Edit -> Additional
  • Select using checkbox Gallery field
  • Click on Images button there and remove all images there if presented, or/and press ‘Apply‘ button
  • Click on ‘Do Bulk Edit‘ button and wait until bulk operation for filtered products applies

Of course using way 2 it is possible to clean galleries of all products in the shop if to miss step one there (filtering)