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Is there any way to add sku’s with variations?

WooCommerce Bulk Editor allows add SKU to products variations of variable products.

For example, main product with 10 variations – main product SKU is wp-pennant and I would like to be able to add variations 1-10 like: wp-pennant-1, wp-pennant-2, wp-pennant-3, etc.

Nearly Yes. Instead of -1,-2,-3 can be applied variation ID or its menu order (but it is not the best idea as menu order is will be recounted after adding new variation), so it is possible to get such results as: wp-pennant-256, wp-pennant-475, wp-pennant-12

  • In the Products Editor enable variations switcher
  • Now you can use bind editing OR bulk editing (see the screens)
  • For both ways use syntax: {PARENT_SKU}-{ID} OR apply {PARENT_SKU}-{MENU_ORDER}

Read more about variables here.