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Is WOOBE compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher?

Yes, WOOBE is compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher for editing fixed prices. But you need do some steps to make bulk editing available in this case.

Lets consider that we have basic currency of the shop EUR and for USD in some products we want to set fixed prices using bulk. In this case:

  • In tab Meta Fields add meta key _woocs_regular_price_USD and _woocs_sale_price_USD
  • Rename meta fields titles for more short titles
  • Click ‘Save meta fields‘ button
  • After page reloading go to tab Settings and activate that new meta fields columns. Click ‘Save all settings‘ button
  • Now you can see that 2 meta fields in the Products Editor and you can edit meta data directly in the table or/and using Bulk Edit tab

Note: the same way you can do bulk editing for fields of all another woocommerce plugins which uses meta fields if they have not keep data in serialized format.